Basti Oy

Basti Oy was established in 1996: Founded as family business, specialised in door to door transports.

We saw a need in the marketplace for a professional, dependable and most of all reliable delivery service. While offering a wide range of services and very diverse fleet, we understood that above all, Superior Customer Service would be the common-thread running throughout everything we offered.

As an experienced family business, we are very flexible and can fulfil even the most challenging assignments.

We have redeemed our position in the transport world thanks to our high safety standards, dedication and secure deliveries. Our long-term customers believe in our way of working, and trust us with their critical shipments.

Our very motivated staff and our modern fleet will take care of your shipments even from the Norwegian glaciers – over the Alps – to the warm sunny Mediterranean coast.

Service is Everything!
We appreciate feedback. If there is anything that we can do to improve our service CONTACT US and we will be happy to talk to you or even visit your office if you would like.